May 2020 News

WV is now offering an L/S-Band Antenna Mounted High Power Monitor WV Model CT1054 Power Monitor Monitoring Forward / Reflected power, display Units in dBm or Watts and user settable Alarm Thresholds. Please click on the above link for details and Data sheet.

August 2019 News

WV Communications is Proud To Announce Our ISO 9001:2015 Certification CERT

March 2019 News

For customers looking for a versatile and easily transportable Flight Termination System (FTS), WV Communications (WV) is pleased to introduce model EX1019 ; IRIG Command Exciter/Encoder/Amplifier. This unit combines WVís latest generation of Command Exciter/Encoders with a 200W amplifier, 4 front panel mounted programmable command buttons, all integrated into a single 3U chassis. The entirely digital Command Exciter/Encoder portion of the unit supports the IRIG mode operation, as well as various types of FSK modulation schemes. The unit uses SOC (System on Chip) architecture to generate the carrier and tone frequencies, and to provide all of the RF filtering. The IRIG Command Exciter/Encoder/Amplifier includes a 5.7Ē TFT-LCD touchscreen color display for programming and monitoring purposes, providing the ability to configure the 4 illuminated programmable command switches. Ethernet/USB Remote or the Color LCD touchscreen display are used to select the unitís modes of operation, output power level. The unit allows assignment of up to 6 simultaneous tones out of standard 20 IRIG tones to the 4 command buttons. The command buttons are protected via liftable switch covers, while the unitís front panel also includes 20 tone LEDs identifying tones that are being transmitted. The Model EX1019; Command Exciter/Encoder/Amplifier can also be used in a redundant configuration, providing manual and automatic failover.

October 2018 News

WV is now offering feature rich Portable Flight Receiver Test Set WV Model ATE1001 enabling the user to Generate IRIG, High Alpha & EFTS tones / messages, Configure EFTS Parameters, monitor the FTR indications just to name few features. Please click on the above link for details and Data sheet.

Who are we?

WV Communications is a world class RF/Microwave Solutions Company. To achieve this goal WV Communications seeks growth in our current Domestic & Global markets of defense and commercial markets including Flight Termination High Power Amplifiers / related Components and turnkey systems, IFF Components and mission critical combat Satellite Up / Down Converters, as well as pursues opportunities in related markets where our core competencies may be leveraged to perpetuate our history of delivering excellent product at competitive cost.

WV Communications believes that continual and measurable quality improvement is a key element in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customer base, and in achieving recognized excellence. Through customer focus, commitment to quality, and excellence in the design and manufacture of RF/Microwave solutions, WV Communications will continue to prosper and realize business growth.

It is our most important policy to provide products and services that always meet and/or exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements. We are therefore committed to creating an environment for continuous improvement in all phases of our business to assure a strong customer relationship. WV is International ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard qualified.

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